Specifically designed to train professionals tactical and non-tactical professionals to respond to medical emergencies in a hostile or high-risk environment, the TMAT teaches the medical skills needed to provide life-saving intervention to both team members and civilians in hostile situations, active shooter incidents, and car accidents. The course scenarios prepare students to assess a scene, mitigate threats, and extract patients in high-risk situations and provide care before Emergency Medical Services can safely arrive. Additionally, the course refreshes students on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) core principles and Combat Lifesaver (CLS) concepts.

Course Information:

Course Duration:

1 day or 8 hours

Certifications Received:

Tactical Medicine Awareness Training

Recertification Interval:

2 years



Key Topics Covered:

The course reviews the difference between high-risk and conventional medicine, the top causes of preventable death in high-risk scenarios, how to properly identify and treat life-threatening injuries, high-threat extraction techniques, and what to do during mass casualty incidents. The course also covers wound closure, lifting and moving patients, tourniquet application, basic airway management, shock, thoracic trauma, head injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, and blast injuries.

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