The Remote First Responder (RFR) course is a 9-day training designed to equip employees with intermediate medical knowledge with the ability to serve on a response team in a remote environment.

Through a hands-on and scenario-based approach, the Remote First Responder course offers the skills and confidence needed to make informed medical decisions when definitive care is hours away.

Course Information:

Course Duration:

9 days (80 hours)

Certifications Received:

Remote First Responder, Health Care Provider Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Recertification Interval:

2 years


18+ years old (16+ with parent/guardian approval)

Accompanying Medical Kits:

Any of our basic level medical kits would complement this course and give students the tools necessary to utilize their new medical skills. View kits here.

Key Topics Covered:

The RFR provides an understanding of intermediate topics such as travel and tropical medicine, shock, mass-casualty incidents, anaphylaxis, cold and heat emergencies, altitude, immersion, submersion, and how to integrate telemedicine and medical kits. Students obtain medical skills such as wound closure (stapling), intermediate medication administration, lifting and moving patients, basic airway management, oxygen administration, and learn how to successfully manage thoracic trauma, head injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, dental emergencies, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, and more.

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