Founded in 2003, Remote Medical International® (RMI) has been providing medical equipment and experience-based remote and wilderness training since day one. Our expert medical training services are often coupled with our ancillary comprehensive medical support services to enhance the health and safety of our clients that travel and operate in challenging locations worldwide.

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds that include humanitarian relief, military Special Forces, first responders, mountain climbers, safety professionals, corporate executive protection teams, and individual adventurers. Whether based out of a seismic survey site or a national park, you and your team will learn from experienced practitioners, benefit from hands-on training, and leave with tactical skills intended to improve health and safety.

The Remote Difference

Most of our courses have a wilderness or remote focus. Wilderness medicine is practiced when the time to evacuate and transport a patient to a definitive care site, such as a hospital or clinic, exceeds one hour.

Remote medicine is designed to bring the definitive care equivalent for common conditions to a job site through utilizing established technological capabilities and medical protocol such as telemedicine assistance, offshore clinics, land-based mobile treatment centers, medical kits, and medical supervision.

With headquarters in Seattle, Washington, we offer our range of courses around the globe to best prepare our students to assess and treat ill and injured patients when definitive care is hours or days away. We educate students in an urban setting as well, as a background in remote medicine can help should an emergency or disaster restrict access to medical facilities.